Katya is passionate about coaching individuals and has offered highly tailored one to one sessions for over ten years. She believes in creating a true partnership with her clients and working in thought-provoking, intelligent and creative ways that inspire them to maximise their professional and personal potential. She often works with leaders to support them navigate these challenging times but has also worked with many other individuals including in elite sport and the arts.


For further information on how you can arrange to coach, either face to face or online, please contact Katya directly at

“I felt very confused at the time about what I should do next. Katya was laser-like in her assessment of the situation and helped me see a way through. She was also really human and incredibly supportive, which is just what I needed at that point.”

“Katya has coached me on and off for about 5 years now. She’s always been there just when I needed her. It has been brilliantly helpful both for my work and in my life in general.”